Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Kickball Kick Off

Monday night I had my first Kickball practice with the 7-9 graders. It went really well. I had another coach helping me and he knew most of the kids and had a bigger voice than me, so I was really glad he was there. I got a good feel for what positions they can play and how well they can kick the ball. They were a really nice group of kids. I can tell it's going to be a good season with them.

Tonight I was supposed to have practice with my 4-6 grade team, but we got rained out. I'm hoping the field will be available this weekend, so we can get a practice in before our first game next week.

Tonight I help an umpire training. It was supposed to take place right after practice on the field, but since the city closed the fields, I had the umpires meet at my house instead. There are only 4 umpires I'm working with. It quit raining by the time they showed up, so I was able to take them to the backyard to go over the rules (all 6 pages of them). The had lots of good questions and we went through every single rule. I was able to show them legal vs. illegal pitches, and how the catcher can play. Umpire training took 1 hour.

Tomorrow night I have my adult league kickball game. That should be fun. We are on a less competitive league this season, so that will make for a fun season.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

My Poor Neglected Blog

It has been a very busy couple of weeks. Kickball has been all consuming. I picked up my uniforms that I had made and they look fantastic! I'm so happy with how they turned out. I've been really busy finalizing things for kickball; schedules, late registrations, fields, equipment, ect...

My coaches meeting was on Thursday. It went really well and it was nice to meet everyone I'd working with this season. We met at Old Chicago. There are only 13 coaches, so it didn't seem practical to rent out a lecture room. I wasn't going to give any big speeches anyway, so I just wanted something laid back and practical. I gave out their equipment, and went over the official rules with them. Answered questions they had and that was about it.

One team I am co-coaching with is the Director of Traveling basketball and Inhouse volleyball. She also coaches those sports. She encouraged some of her kids to go out for kickball and is helping me coach so it is really nice that I have her support. So, she stayed at Old Chicago with me after everyone left and gave me some helpful tips.

The kickball season starts up on Monday. I'm pretty excited about it really.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Kickball, Kickball, and more Kickball

My youth kickball league is coming along rather nicely at the last minute. I've had some later registrations which helped out a lot. I ordered the uniforms the other day and those will be in next week in time for my coaches meeting. I'm excited to see how they look. I didn't have a logo design that I really liked. So I told the guy at the uniform store, what I was thinking. Turns out he is the designer, so he ran with my idea and threw in a few things of his own, and is going to design it for me. They should be pretty neat.

Tomorrow, the equipment I ordered is getting delivered to my house. I ordered it locally and the sales rep is going to deliver it personally. It was the easiest shopping I've ever done. I emailed the sales rep at Metro Sports, told him what I needed. I called him today to see if he had my order and he said "yep, we have everything you need, when do you want me to bring it to you?" WOW, now that's what I call service!

Today I got my teams formed and finalized. I'm still waiting on a couple late registrations, but I have some of their info already. I have to wait for the people's registrations to get uploaded to one program, that uploads to another program, then gets to me. So my information is a day or two old by the time I get it. I did order extra uniforms for just that reason.

I also got the schedules formed today. I sent a copy of the schedules off to the lady who runs the fields of the city, so those are reserved for me. I've got some pretty nice fields to play on. The city has over 100 parks, so I had a few to choose from. I had to be careful with that as I'm head coaching two teams. One team for grades 4-6 (my kids are on) and one team 7-9. I needed extra coaches. I still have one team that is coachless, but I think I'll be able to find one for them before next week and it won't be me.

My coaches meeting is next Thursday. That's where I get to give them all their team stuff and hand out all sorts of paperwork. Should be fun, we're meeting at Old Chicago so it'll be less formal.

The season officially starts the week of Aug 17. I'm pretty excited that I got this program up & running. I was nervous I wouldn't have enough kids to participate, but things really picked up the last two weeks and it looks like a promising first season.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Another Week in Review

Wed. night I went to see Kevin Costner & Modern West. They were performing at the MN Zoo. I took my camera with me,but it got confiscated by security (it was returned safely to me after the concert) before I could get into the concert. They were banning all cameras except cell phone cameras and small handhelds. Bummer...I was hoping to get good photos. Oh didn't ruin any fun.

The concert was great. The group wrote and performed some new songs that were pretty good. Can't wait for a new cd to come out. My seats were great too. 10 rows up, right smack in center stage.

At the end of the concert Kevin decided to sign autographs up by the stage. By the time I got down there, he was done and went backstage. I did get down there in time for some weirdo to ask for a bottle from the stage that Kevin had drank from during the concert. WEIRDO!

Some people had back stage passes (the lucky ducks!), but not me. :(

I have 72 kids signed up for kickball! I've had lots of last minute registrants. It's pretty exciting to see it grow. I've got all my coaches lined up too. The season starts in 2 weeks, so this week I have lots to do in order to be ready for the season.

Today we took Kevin up to Roseville to catch his bus for summer camp. This is his 4th year going to CYC (Catholic Youth Camp). We drove up to Roseville, ate out at Perkins and then dropped him off. After he got loaded on the bus, we drove over to Half Price Books. I bought a couple of books on photography, a couple of John Saul books, and a WW2 book for Kevin. He's going to love it. It is all about the different battles with tactical maps. I didn't find anything that Sam would be interested in, so he didn't get one. I think I'll take Sam out to see a movie this week while Kevin is gone. One thing for sure, is this is going to be a really quiet week with out him around.