Thursday, May 6, 2010

Email Conversation With Kevin's Science Teacher

Here is an email conversation I had today with Kevin's Science Teacher today:

Oh the joy of parenting!
From: W

Sent: Thursday, May 06, 2010 1:28 PM
Subject: Kevin Science Notebook

Hi Mrs. Bley,

I am Kevin’s science teacher and I should have written a month ago. My apologies.

Kevin is a great kid. His smile is contagious. He is a pleasure to have in class and one of the nicest kids I know.

Unfortunately, he is very, very behind in his science notebook. I have asked him daily about the notebook and he just smiles and says he can not find it. A few moments ago I sat down with Kevin and we were going to start a new notebook----but then told me he found his at home.

For him to get the work done he is missing, he would need to work into summer vacation. I think a better plan is for him to get the current work done and we leave missing work for when he has time. He hopefully has a list of current assignments (a pink sheet) and sent another home with him today. In the notebook pages are number with 1a on the front, and 1b on the back, then 2a/2b, etc.

What ever work he can get done between today and next Tuesday, I will give him full credit.

Thank you. I would appreciate your thoughts or ideas to help get him back on track.

Sincerely, Mr. W

On 5/6/10 1:42 PM, Bonnie" wrote:

I guess he's going to be a very busy & grounded boy for the rest of the school year then. And if he has to do homework over the summer to pass 6th grade, then so be it. He's done it to himself by not being responsible. He can't go through life thinking everyone is going to hold his hand and give him a pass for not doing what is required or expected of him to succeed.

Please email me the full list of what he needs to do. You are being too nice to give him full credit for assignments he is being too lazy to do. He has realized through the school years that there really are no consequences for late or missing assignments, since teachers are no longer allowed to put the fear of God into their students about class work. (Sorry for that rant.)

Kevin really enjoys your class & he talks about you all the time. So, you are getting through to him & he's been learning a lot from your class.

Email me anytime & let's get this kid back on track.


Hi Mrs Bley,

Thank you for the reply. I like your philosophy.

I asked Kevin before we emailed you if he thought it would ok to send you a message. I always let kids know I am sending a message---good or not good. Anyway he said---oh my mom just sits at a desk all day and has nothing to do. Oh, the ideas kids have about work and the world---makes me laugh.

He should have a sheet with him. I will make a point to have him come see during flex or study time. Most important is that he brings the notebook to school. My philosophy is that there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

Thanks again,