Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Valentine's Weekend

My Valentine's Date with my hubby was AWESOME! He took me to a nice restaurant. They had a lady playing the harp, so it was a classy place. My food was a little on the overcooked side, so I can't really rave about how wonderful dinner was, but it wasn't bad. The steak sauce that came with my steak was really yummy though.

After dinner we went to a movie. We hit the late show and the earliest late show we could get into was "Wolfman". Not what you'd think your typical Valentine Romantic Date movie would be, but I like to see movies worth seeing on the big screen. It was actually very good. And scary too. So I guess it wasn't such a bad date movie choice as I held my hubby's hand so the Wolfman wouldn't jump off the screen & get me.

On Valentine's Day, I got a sweet card & a box of chocolates from my hubby. Then he told me & the kids to get ready to go out for brunch. Yay! We went to Bon Fire's in Eagan. Brunch was great. Sam had chicken strips and kettle chips. He LIKED it! It is so hard to find that kid something to eat at restaurants as he's such a problem feeder. 9 months of feeding therapy 5 years ago and he still has a pretty limited diet. At least it's a variety of limited foods, but still limited none the less. I suppose there is still hope for him, after all I just discovered in Sept that I like shrimp. Who know. After all these years of clear disgust of shrimp, I actually really like it.

About an hour after we got home from brunch I had a horrible stomach ache. I ran to the bathroom & spent pretty much the rest of the day in there. No fun. The next 3 days were followed by horrid stomach cramps. They got better each day, and I was no longer making emergency trips to the bathroom, so I didn't make a trip to the doctor for him to tell me "hmmmm…probably some kind of virus or maybe you had food poisoning" .

So after 4 days of Ritz crackers, rice, and 7 Up…I was back to my usual self!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

February Happenings

February is here & half way over. Which means spring is just around the corner.

We got the official results of the State Lego Robotics tournament. Kevin's team came in 18th place overall out of 40 teams. So they didn't do too bad after all. They did get a medal for their Geothermal Bridge Ice Melting challenge as they came in 2nd place for that.

This month I took my old broken gold jewelry (necklace chains) to "The Gold Guys" store at the Mall of America. I walked out with a check for $220, so I took that check and set up my photography business checking account. With that I also applied for my Certificate of Assumed Name with the state, and got my Tax ID number. I'm officially official. Today I applied for a Small Business Grant for Women. Hopefully I will qualify for that, as that will help get a few more things for my Photography Business. I have a photo studio shoot coming up next week. I'll be photographing an adorable 3 year old girl. I'm excited to work with her. Hopefully, she'll be in a good mood for it.

Kevin turned 12 on the 7th of February. He chose to go bowling with the family for his birthday. We had a really good time. The kids really enjoy it, and the bumpers helped me out tremendously. I won the first round of bowling with a whopping score of 94. The next round Ken won, and my score was 112. We all improved on round 2.

I've been experiencing with different short-med length hair cuts. The first one I really liked, the second one had too many layers, and I really like the one I just got. I am however going to grow it back to shoulder length as not being able to pull it back in a pony tail is driving me crazy. Shorter hair is much more high maintenance than mid length to long hair.

In November, you may have remembered that I wrote a book about the Maya and the Tulum ruins in Mexico. I am now on round two of edits! The first round I organized paragraphs, order of topics, deleted repeated information, and deleted information that I could live with out. In this process, I was able to shorten my book by 12 single spaced pages.

Tonight the hubby is taking me out for a Valentine's date. We haven't had a Valentine's date in I don't even know how long. He was in charge of planning everything, so we'll see what he came up with. His first idea was to take me an ordinary restaurant. One we can go to anytime...he mentioned this to me (actually, he said "choose between Houlihan's, Green Mill, or Granite City") reply was "go back to the drawing board, it's Valentine's, Woo Me." Then he asked what movie I wanted to see. I told him one that would be a good theater experience. So, I do know we are going to dinner & a movie, I just don't know where or what movie. I told him not to tell me as I wanted it to be a surprise.