Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Mommy's Day Out

On Saturday I had the luxury of escaping the confines of my house to venture to the outside world where normal humans tread. No cavemen came with. They stayed home and bonded in their caveman ways. Scratching their butts, fondling the remote, watching sports & cartoons, and enjoying some sunshine & warm weather.

I took my secret mom stash cash and left the house. I was gone for a total of 11 hours. With only a couple hours into my blissful ventures, I got text messages from the hubby. Little ones. He asked me what kind of NASCAR t-shirt he should have a friend buy for him. Carl Edwards, yep, good pick dear. Then since I was meeting my NASCAR motor head friend for lunch, the hubby texts me & asks what other driver's did we like because we could get a couple more t-shirts. So I told him, Matt Kenseth & Kevin Harvick are good. So fine he gets his buddy to pick up those. Now, I did wonder why my hubby needed 3 NASCAR t-shirts, but I let it go and wondered why he was bothering me on my mommy's day out. Keep in mind he did not ask for sizes. So naturally one would assume, he needed 3 NASCAR t-shirts.

I shopped til I dropped. I bought things I really don't need, but hey they looked good, and sure I needed it. It would look good somewhere. I met my friend for lunch and we had a great lunch at a tropical themed restaurant. Our waiter flirted with us, and we had a couple of drinks. My friend exclaimed "Let's have more drinks & my boyfriend will bring us home". Oh no, this was not a 10 hour lunch date. I had warned her before this was just a quickie. A 2 hour quickie that is. So we paid our tab and hit a couple stores in the mall. Then we parted ways. She went home to take a nap, and I continued on to more girly gift shops.

Spent more money than I needed, and wow, it did disappear fast. Every time I opened my wallet, I was sure some little money gremlin snuck by me and took out an extra $20 for sure.

Well, shopping, a 2 hour lunch with a friend, and sunshine sure is good therapy. It was a relaxing & rejuvenating retreat for this mom. I got home, carried my bags in, and was welcomed back to the cave den. The Cavemen missed me, and I got lots of caveman hugs upon my return. Then they wondered what kinds of things if any I brought home for them. Um...none my dears, none. Nadda, nope, all for me. Don't worry honey, I didn't rack up the credit card or deplete our bank account. I won this money in the mommy lottery, and I'm not sharing. :)

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