Saturday, September 20, 2008

I ran away from the cave

I'm in Florida! Away from the hubby and kids. I'm here for business, but took a couple days before the conference for some R&R. So far I've done just that. It sure is great to get away. Most of the time so far I've just been hanging out poolside at the Tiki Bar. The weather has been great. Hot & sunny, and absolutely NO bugs.

Today I went shopping and bought souvies for the hubby and kids. It was the hugest gift store I've ever seen. They had tons of Disney stuff. Everything in there was pretty cheap too. So I managed to get a couple of goodies for myself.

Tomorrow I am headed to the beach. It's about an hours drive. I can't wait.

Sunday late afternoon, I turn in my rental car & head over to the Marriott Convention Center for my work conference. Which is the reason I'm in Florida to begin with. I just decided to come out a couple days early and get away from the cave.

So, I've left the cavemen together. I do hope they can survive with out me. I'm sure they will be fine. At least that's what I keep telling myself.


Wolfpak5 said...

Your cavemen will be fine, they probably don't realize you are gone. Enjoy your vacation,wish my work would sent me somewhere. I think Hawaii would be perfect for a convention. Hope you are taking pics, would love to see one of you enjoying yourself at the Tiki Bar.

Mary said...

Have a fun time! Glad you aren't battling a hurricane. The tiki bar sounds awesome! Enjoy!