Monday, June 29, 2009

Spring Kickball is over

The Kick Busters Spring/Summer season came to an end on Thursday. What an end it was too. We had about 8 different teams participate in a cookout, not to mention beverage too. One team even had a bunch of pizzas delivered for their portion. Every one on this league was pretty fun. We won 2 games, tied 1, and lost 5. Which is MUCH better than the last two years we've been playing.

We lost our final game. Our game was the last game of the evening and every one was feeling pretty good. We decided for the fun of it that in the 5th inning the teams would run the bases backwards. After you kicked the ball, you had to run to 3rd base, then second, then first, then home. It's a bit confusing, but for some strange reason everyone did pretty good with it. We only did it for that one inning. We ended up losing our last game by a few runs.

Now, we just wait for the summer/fall league to start up again in August. There is a mini-golf league that I could join, but I think I'll pass on that one. I think I'm busy enough for now.

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