Sunday, November 2, 2008

Girl invasion

Tonight I babysat a friend of mine's daughter. She is three and has lots of energy! She is such a cute and sweet little girl. It really is nice to have another girl in the house. Sam played with her quite well. They had a good time together. Kevin on the other hand acted like there was an alien invasion. I think I let the poor little dear eat too many M&M's. She was all wound up. She finally crashed around 11:30 pm. Yikes! I sure hope she sleeps in tomorrow. She was so tired, yet so afraid she was going to miss something that the boys would do. But she finally did go to sleep. She looks so peaceful sleeping. Just like a little angel. Of course my children look like complete angels sleeping peacefully in their beds as well.

I really enjoy Emma. I enjoy getting my girl fix. Fixing our hair, painting our toe nails, all that fun stuff I never get to do with the boys. But as she was binging off the walls with energy, I was thankful that I no longer have wee little ones.

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