Friday, November 28, 2008

Otters, and monkys, and zoo onlookers ...OH MY!

Our second full day of vacation in sunny San Diego we spent the day at the San Diego Zoo. The day at the zoo was very eventful. In one exhibit a little itty bitty monkey fell into the water below the ledge he was on. It was a long fall. An otter in the water grabbed the little dude and tried drowning it. The mama monkey at the top was going "ape" so to speak. The crowd was in shock seeing the Darwinist act in progress, so a zoo onlooker jumped over the glass edging (the one that keeps people out of the exhibit) and down into the water to save the baby monkey from the death grip of the otter. The otter and mama monkey then turned their attention at the zoo onlooker who was now part of the zoo exhibit. He was able to rescue the monkey and get it back up to it's ledge, out of the water, and away from otter. Another zoo onlooker who was watching everything happen from a safe standpoint started tossing water onto the mama monkey to distract her from the guy in the exhibit as he was now stuck in the exhibit and couldn't find a way out. Finally a bunch of zoo keepers showed up and by then all the crazy action had come to an end. I didn't see all of this unfold as there were too many people in my way, as the frenzy unfolded.

Kevin LOVED the snake exhibit. He knew which ones were deadly and how long its venom would take to kill you. One of them he told could take down an elephant with one dose of it's venom, but I honestly don't remember which one that was and I'm glad they were ALL in glass cages.

Sam enjoyed the Panda exhibit best. They had two grown pandas and one baby panda. The baby panda was content hanging out in the tree.

After we were done enjoying ourselves at the zoo, we headed to the beach. We got to see the last little bit of the sunset against the Pacific Ocean. It was so beautiful. We all got our toes wet and had fun chasing waves on the shore. Or I think the waves were chasing us.

Tomorrow we are going to the USS Midway which Kevin can't wait to get to. Then we head to the airport to fly home.

We sure will hate to leave this sunny place, but the head caveman is missing us. We have been having a great time. Too bad vacations don't last as long as they should.


Wolfpak5 said...

Glad to hear that you are having a fab time. Can't wait to see your photos.

Mary said...

Glad you had fun! Now that you left, it warmed up. hhahaa!