Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Airline Trolls

Saturday on our flight home, I didn't check in online until Saturday morning. They pre-assigned our seats and they were totally not together at all. We were pretty spaced apart. So we got to the airport early and checked in at the counter. At which point they charged me $45 for my luggage. We all had just 1 a piece. Such a load of crap. So I tell them that we need seats together. The agent tried and she said "for whatever reason it's not letting me reassign you, you'll have to check with the boarding gate."

So when they start boarding we get in line so that we are ahead and I tell him. He says to check with the flight attendants.

We are one of the first ones on the plane & I ask the flight attendant what to do. She looks at all 3 of my tickets and says "Go sit in row 22 and then when the other people come to sit there have them trade with you".

So we do that. Well here comes row 22 people. A young couple last ones on the plane. So they look at me & tell me I'm in their seats. So I ask them if they wouldn't mind sitting in our assigned seats cuz I have to be with my kids and this is what the main flight lady said for me to do. So they look at me like I'm crazy. So then troll flight attendant #2 comes over and says "what's the problem here". The young couple says. She's in our seats, cuz she has to be with her kids but we want to sit together.

Troll #2 says to me. "You can't just take their seats, you have to ask them if they will trade. They don't have to trade if they don't want to."

I tell her what troll #1 had told me. So off she marches.

Troll #1 & now troll #3 come to me. Troll #1 who told me to sit here says "I never told you that. I told you to sit in your assigned seats and then find somebody to trade with."

The young couple says "well, if you can find us seats together we'd really like that, but you can't kick her out of these seats, she has to be with her kids. We aren't going to make them split up"

Troll #3 says "Well, get to your seats, we are ready to go."

So I get up and start looking for people to rearrange since the 3 trolls obviously can't handle to do their job and want me and the boys to split up and totally not be anywhere near each other for a 4 hour flight. So the trolls are glaring at me like it's all my fault. Troll #1 finds a guy where there are two empty seats next to and says "Would you mind having this couple sit with you because this lady took their seats".

He says yeah and all is happy except for the 3 trolls.

Then during the flight one of trolls was going through the aisle with her cart. She gets it stuck on the seat in front of me and starts yelling "Excuse me! Excuse me! Excuse me!" So I lean over to see what her problem is & see that she is stuck on the seat. So I sit back up and she gets it unstuck and then just glares at me.

Later on the other troll brought the drink cart through and she starts shouting "Do you want anything to drink? Do you want anything to drink?" I wake up cuz she's shouting this & Sam is asleep. Sam wakes up and it turns out she is shouting this at Sam. So I snap back at her and say "No, he doesn't want anything to drink, he's sleeping. Thanks for waking him up." So she glares at me & then doesn't even ask me if I want anything to drink. Then the whole rest of the flight I just got evil looks when they walked by. Trolls!!

Kevin took a picture of each of the trolls. They were old, fat, ugly, and crabby. If you're rude and your butt hits the seats as you walk down the aisle then you should maybe find another line of work!

I'm going to call the customer service line & complain. I tried today, but their line was too busy all day and it kept sending me to voice mail. I guess they have too many people complaining.

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Wolfpak5 said...

This is why I go through a travel agent. We get our seats assigned right away, ensures that we are all together. I have been on flights where the boarding person will holler at other passengers about exchanging seats. What airlines did you fly?