Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Great Outdoors

We almost forgot what is was like to be able to stand being outside with out risking losing our appendages. Last night the hubby went to a friends house to play broom ball with a bunch of his co-workers. He got a new pair of broom ball shoes, so he can keep up on the ice. I guess they had a little too much fun as he came home with a black eye from getting hit with a stick. Boys will be boys, I guess. Even the big boys. So he has a lovely shiner today.

Today it warmed up to around 20 degrees. The hubby ran out and got all 3 vehicles cleaned. (By the way if you know anyone who would like to buy a van, we have one for sale.) I took the boys to the tubing hill that is about 4 blocks from our house. For $2.50 you can rent an inner tube and go sliding for as long as you want. There were lots of people there finally enjoying some decent winter weather. Lots of rosy red cheeks and smiling faces on every one as they came speeding down the hill. It was fun to see my boys having fun outside. It's been over a week that they've been able to actually play outside and get some much needed fresh air.

Sam was a bit reluctant to go at first. He just wanted to hang out at home. I don't think he believed us that it was actually not to bad out. When we got to the park, he got in his tube and slid down the hill happily screaming the whole way down. I asked him "How did that feel?" He got off his tube, and said "GREAT!" as he ran by me to get back up the hill. Funny kid. And he thought he wasn't going to have any fun.

Kevin loves tubing as well. He was all smiles as he came down the hill. No screaming from him. He enjoyed it by giggling all the way down.

I took my big huge camera and took some photos. There was a group of high school boys that decided to try to make some sort of pyramid on one tube and one guy was standing up. Surprisingly, they made it all the way down the hill with out wiping out. I took pictures of them as well, as I have never seen that feat pulled off before. They walked by me on their way back up the hill and one of them asked me "Are we going to make it in the newspaper?" I laughed. That was probably kind of mean. I wasn't laughing at them, I was laughing that my big mongo camera got me mistaken for a newspaper photographer.


Wolfpak5 said...

Glad to hear that you are warming up. Our temps are in the high 40's so everything is melting and making a big soupy mess. Gary is anxious to get his motorcycle out, but the streets are too icy. Love the picks, glad that the boys had fun and hope Ken's eye heals up.

Mary~Momathon said...

My kids would have a blast tubing down that hill! Glad you guys finally got to go outside again.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you folks got outside and the kids got to burn off some energy!

Too funny about the kid thinking you were from the paper. Oh well, at least he's famous on Blogger now. :)