Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My Mom Started a Blog

My mother will be 72 on Groundhog's Day. She decided to keep up with her daughters and start blogging. We could have created a blogging monster.

My mom is actually pretty computer savy for her age. Back when the internet was first popular (thanks Al Gore for the internet!) she had her own mIRC chat room that she was the Op of. It was mostly so that we could all get online and talk, since my mother and my sisters all live in different states, and keep in touch. She ended up inviting some of our friends in and we'd have some pretty good internet chats. I guess now we'll have to catch her up to speed on Yahoo Messenger.

My mom recently got a new lap top and look out, she's upgraded! She still does not carry a cell phone. But I would not be surprised if she showed up one day with a blue tooth ear piece one day. I certainly wish she'd get a cell phone (hint, hint, mmom we're all on Verizon). I could also see my mom with an iPod. She could listen to books with it.

When she turned 70, we pitched in and upgraded her to a digital camera. We got her off of film. Which was a good thing too. She's quite the photographer and she even won a contest and her photograph was made into a postcard.

So that is my little shout out to my uber cool mom. She's in her 70's and she's still cool!


Wolfpak5 said...

She still uses film. Her reasoning is just in case the batteries on the digital are not charged up, she still wants her old reliable.

Laurel Merz said...

Sounds like a rad old chick! I wanna be like her when I grow up!

Mary said...

I can totally see Mom with an ipod!

Mmom said...

Hmmmm! I guess those are accurate statements, but you make me sound like I know what I'm doing. I'm just playing. Actually I have thought about the cell phone, but it hasn't gotten past the "think" stage. I'm not sure about one of those little gadget sticking in my ear. Don't like stuff in my ears. ipods haven't turned me on yet. Radio still works fine and cd's play in my car.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to blogging, Bonnie's mom!