Friday, January 23, 2009

It's tough being 10

The oldest caveboy is grounded. He is grounded off of TV, computer, and X-box until Sunday morning. This started yesterday morning, when he tried to claim that drinking too much orange juice in the morning made him have an upset stomach and he tried staying home from school. This after he claimed the day before his breakfast made him throw up and I let him stay home from school. Later that evening he was caught having a pillow fight with his brother. "Oh, I'm fine now" he said. Yeah, sure he was, cuz he was faking being sick anyway.

He didn't decide to be sick yesterday until 2 minutes before the bus was to arrive. So guess who missed the bus. Yep, my son. I told him his excuse was bull and drove his not sick body to school. I gave him the riot act the whole way too. I'm sure he was glad to get out of my van and be at school.

Being grounded off of all these privileges, which he deems as necessity, isn't just hard on him, it's hard on me too. In his world, his life has halted. Oh no, what else is there to do? I told him lots of things, reading, math worksheets, drawing, playing games, doing chores. He didn't like those ideas at first, but now that we are day into it, he's adjusting.

Last night after he realized that the punishment was set in stone and there was no redeeming himself and earning his privileges back early by good behavior, he ran to his room crying. I went to go see what the matter was and he sobbed out "why do bad things always have to happen to me?" Oh the poor boy.

Tonight, he asked me what he would do all day tomorrow with out TV, computer, or X-box. I told him to go through and read the books we have at home and do his homework. So then we decided we would go to the library and get some books for him to pass his time away.

I do hope he survives. It will be too cold to send him out to play. Which is really too bad. That just means he'll be antsy all day tomorrow for Sunday. God grant us the patience to get through his grounding.


Mary said...

Poor kid!

Wolfpak5 said...

He will survive. Of course grounding children just punishes the parents too.