Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Got my hair cut

Before & After:

This is the longest I've ever grown my hair out. Long hair like this is a pain. It was fun to grow it out long, but I honestly won't be growing it out that long again. I just don't have the big thick head of hair like the Hollywood type. The long, luxurious, flowing, gorgeous hair in the shampoo commercials. NOT! When it's wet, it sticks to you. It sticks to your neck, your back, and your armpits. Gross. It breaks, it falls out, and gets all over the bathroom. I'm sure my husband will be pleased he no longer has to pull gobs of hair out of the bathtub drain. Not to mention I was starting to look like Cousin It and most of the time I was pulling it back because it got to annoying to deal with.

I told my husband before getting it cut that I was only getting three inches cut off. I came home having cut off twelve inches. One foot of hair. Yikes! After being together for 18 years, he is used to my drastic hair changes, so he wasn't too surprised I cut so much off, but it still had shock value. My oldest son was shocked and said "You crazy woman!" I guess he's not so used to me making drastic changes to my hair. When I look back at old pictures, my hair style isn't one that stays the same time after time.

The gal that cut my hair was so excited. My hair was the longest she'd ever cut, so she had a fun time cutting, sculpting, trimming, and shaping. I didn't donate any of it. The stylist didn't ask and I'm not sure it was in the best shape to donate anyway.

After my hair cut, I feel like I have so much more hair. My hair actually has some body and wave to it. Which is exciting considering my hair has always been so stick straight unless I curl the heck out of it.


Wolfpak5 said...

I like it. I've been thinking about doing something else with my hair, but don't know what yet. By the way we are going to Ireland.

Mary said...

I like it! Glad you didn't get a bad stylist!

Anonymous said...

That's a really cute cut! I had long hair until about ten years ago. Then I had it all hacked off, and I haven't looked back. Enjoy your new look!

Leslie said...

Lovely Bonnie. You have pretty hair! I'm glad you like it and are happy with it too!

Mary said...

are there three thermostats on your wall?