Sunday, February 1, 2009

My Big Kevin Costner Encounter

Tuesday afternoon my husband informed me that my favorite actor of all time was playing in a band at a local club in Minneapolis. So of course I had to go.

I got home from work and got ready. I had to look good in case I had a chance encounter with him. I was as excited as a teenage girl getting ready for the prom.

My hubby got home and off I went to the club. Parking was full. I drove around a while to find a spot and finally, I found one. Right in front. Bonus! I wouldn't have to walk by 10 feet to get to the front door of the club. Perfect for a cold night.

I went into the club, paid my cover fee, checked my coat, and made my way through the crowd. It was pretty packed and many of the people were crowed around the stage waiting for the cover band to come on stage. So I went to the back of the club where there weren't very many people. I stood up at the bar in the back next to another couple. When the cover band was on their last song, the bar tender said to me and the couple "Stay here, Kevin and his band will be entering from that door behind you. He'll be walking right by you." Well, talk about being in the right place at the right time and having some good inside information.

Sure enough, Kevin Costner and his band entered through the door that was closest to us. I turned around and he walked right by me. I held out my hand as he walked by. He grabbed my hand with his right hand and shook it with a nice firm hand shake. We made eye contact and he put his left hand over my hand, so he had my right hand between both of his hands. The hand holding lasted all of about 3 seconds, but it felt much longer than that.

After they took the stage, I moseyed my way up as close as I could get to the stage so I could get a good spot to watch the concert. One nice thing about being short is that it is easy to make my way through a crowd. I was able to make my way close to the stage and be in the second row. Two old haggard Wal-Mart Cow-Girl hat chicks prevented me from getting right up to the stage, cuz they'd been there for 3 hours. LOL...So I got behind them and got LOTS of good photos. But I had to snap between their cheap straw hats and their arms. But I've got a GREAT one of him smiling as he was looking right at me. We made eye contact at least 4 times during the concert.

It was absolutely the best celebrity experience ever. After the crowd died down, I went to my car and found a lovely $34.00 parking ticket on my windshield. Oh well, it was worth having a nice safe parking spot. Especially since I had gone down there by myself.

I got home and could not get to sleep, I was on cloud 9 and just too thrilled about the whole evening to get much sleep. That man is SOOOOOOO SEXY!! I'm still on cloud 9 from seeing my favorite guy.

Here are the best photo's I got of him.

Here is the official Kevin Costner and Modern West website to get a listen.


Wolfpak5 said...

Be careful,next thing we know you will become a roadie. Glad that you had a good time and your pics are great. I guess being short is an advantage. By the way, are you going to wash your hand?

Mmom said...

I remember the name of the one I got to see way back in the dark ages. It was Clyde McPhatter and you liked the records I had by him. Lover Please was one of them. Little Bitty Pretty One was another.

ambivalentmuse said...

Wow, that's really cool! Not often you get an opportunity like that. I'd say the $34 ticket was definitely worth it.