Sunday, February 22, 2009

Three Days Til Paradise

Thursday morning at 6 am I will be headed to the airport with three great girl friends and board a plane to escape to Paradise, otherwise known as Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. I can not wait to escape the cold, the job, all my responsibilities at home.

I did some shopping for clothes for the trip, and got my stock of Tums, Immodium, and Airborne.

We are staying at an adult only all inclusive resort on the beach. It looks so lovely and we plan to spend much of our time enjoying ourselves there. We are also going to take a day tour to Tulum and Xelha. We will get to see some of the Mayan ruins and an eco-park where we plan to go snorkeling and cliff jumping.

I am taking two cameras with me and all my memory cards, which will allow me to take about 1750 photos. That's a lot of photos for 5 days, but that is the great thing about digital. My laptop will stay home, so I won't be able to download my photos onto it until I get home.

The hubby is jealous that he doesn't have a ticket to run away to paradise. Poor guy. LOL. I told him to take a guys trip this year and he didn't want to.

I spent the last month tanning, so that I don't burn to a crisp the minute my lily white skin sees the sun. I'm sure the sun will be pretty intense as Playa Del Carmen is just 20 degrees north of the equator.

I asked the boys what they wanted me to bring them home from Mexico. Kevin said he wanted a rattlesnake and Sam said he wanted a kitten. Hmmmm...I really don't think those two things will be coming back with me. At least not real ones anyway. If there was a way I could bottle up some of the sun and warmth, I'd definitely be bringing that home with me.


Mary said...

You gonna be feeling nauseous in Paradise? hmmm.... I think I'll stay home!

Have a good time!

Wolfpak5 said...

Have a good trip and take lots of photos. Just don't drink the water as they say.

ambivalentmuse said...

Have a fantastic trip! I have fond memories of Playa del Carmen. I was sixteen and hung around with a guy named Francisco who my friends and I had met at a restaurant on Cozumel. They took us over to Playa del Carmen for a day and we had a great time together. I still have the pictures, too!

Anyway, please try to bring back some warm air and sunshine when you return. It's too dang cold here! looking forward to pictures!