Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Intense X-box game

Today from the confines of the caveroom, I heard my youngest caveman say "Stop doing this to me you stupid X-box! You are really pissing me off!"

(I know he has heard this type of language come from the eldest caveman of the house. The one who shouts at the TV during baseball, football, and hockey. The one who yells at the refs on the TV like they can really hear him. The one who thinks the refs will turn their call around because they've pissed him off. I've even see my hubby get up and point to the ref on the TV like he's going to push the little TV figure on the screen over if he doesn't listen.)

I went in his room and told him if he was really that frustrated with the game then maybe a break from it would be a good thing. It's just a game. So he did. He snuggled his cats. He had some Oreo's. All was well....

He is playing his game again, and I have heard nothing come from his dwelling except the game. So apparently the X-box is behaving itself and has ceased from pissing him off.

I'm not sure what the x-box did to him to make him so upset at it, but I figure he was losing against the game. He hates losing. He is quite a sour sport when it comes to losing. He doesn't lose well. We are working on that though. Baby steps.


Mary said...

Oreos fix everything!!!

Wolfpak5 said...

Also snuggles with the cats help.