Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Living La Vida Baseball

Well, the last two weeks have been consumed with baseball. Baseball games and baseball practice. Not to mention celebrations for baseball victories at Dairy Queen. My oldest son's baseball team has been doing really well in the play offs. They have PTKP'd (team motto- play to keep playing) their way to the championship game which takes place tomorrow evening.

The boys are so excited for tomorrow evening's game. A couple of girls at the daycare Kevin used to attend make a nice banner for the boy's dug out with all their names on it. The team really liked that a lot. That will return for good luck on Thursday.

Kevin's team (the Rangers) beat the opposing team 13-1. They only played 3 1/2 innings. Wow...The innings were long. It took 1 1/2 hours to play 3 1/2 innings. Our kids hitting was just on fire.

After the game, the team gathered around for a speech from their head coach. The head coach was holding the game ball in his hand and he was almost speechless at the performance his kids had just done. About 1 sentence into his speech, they doused him with the cooler of water. He didn't see it coming.

Tomorrow is the last night of the official 2008 baseball little league season. I'm sure there will be a team party no matter the outcome of the game. 20 teams go into the play offs and only 1 team wins every game. Hopefully that team will be the Rangers. They sure have the power and the will to do it. I feel it will be a close game, but you just never know.

The team is a great group of kids, and they are so complimentary of each other. They really help each other out and don't put any one down. I'm really impressed with their sportsmanship and behavior. They are supportive of all team members, no matter the performance.

Kevin really enjoys baseball and he wants to continue to play. He obviously has some work to do, so we will be getting him ready for the 2009 season from here on out. We'll be playing catch and going to the batting cages through out the off season. Then he can really PTKP next year.

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Wolfpak5 said...

Congrats Kevin and The Rangers. I will be cheering for you guys all the way from Montana. Just hope that you will be able to hear me.