Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Glasses shopping

Monday night I took Kevin glasses shopping. First we went to Wal-Mart. They didn't have much of a kid selection. They had four rows of frames and one of them was all Hannah Montana. We didn't like the rest of them, so we went on our way. The next stop was Vision World. They were having a two for $99 sale. Well, only on certain frames that is... Those frames were all throw backs from the 70s I believe. He tried a bunch on to be funny, and we really got a good laugh out of it. Who knew shopping for glasses frames was so much fun? Vision World had quite a good selection of frames. He tried on about 20 pair there. He had a possibility pile down to 8. So when we were all done trying on frames and being silly, we went back to the possibility pile. We ended up with three pair we really liked.

Vision World was insanely busy Monday night, so there was no one assisting us. I don't even think they saw us walk in. I told Kevin..."let's leave these three frames right here, and go next door to Sears Optical just to see what they have." We left the frames together on the side table. I figured they'd still be there when we got back. I wrote down all the numbers on them just in case they did get moved, we would be able to find them again.

We headed over to Sears Optical. Kevin didn't believe me that they had eyeglasses, because Sears is a home and hardware store. It was a good thing we went there. Right away we found a pair of glasses that looked really good on him. That was definitely the pair. Then he started looking at sunglasses while I was talking to the sales lady. Kevin comes running over with a pair of glasses. "These glasses mom, I gotta have these glasses!" Wow, they were really cool glasses and they looked really good on him too. They were so him. They were half rims, with camouflage bows. They were a bit too big for his face, but they still looked good. I told Kevin we'd order the one pair, and see if we could order the camo pair online in his size.

I've been looking online today and not finding those glasses in his size.

Sears was having a special, buy the frames and get the lens for free, so we got a really good price, especially since the frames are Ray Ban. We paid $135 for his glasses and they will be here next Monday or Tuesday. I'm going to keep looking for the other pair in his size, or something very similar.

When were finished at Sears, we walked passed Vision World, and the three pair of frames were still sitting right where we left them. Then we went and grabbed a bite to eat, to complete a successful night of shopping for glasses.


Mary~Momathon said...

Can't wait to see those fabulous specs!

Wolfpak5 said...

You did get a great deal. I got my frames pretty cheap, $38 but they got me on the lenses. Can't wait to see the new Kevin.