Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Mi Vida Loca

Things are still crazy in my world here since returning from my trip. I'm thinking I almost need another vacation. Yep, four days was not nearly long enough. I'm thinking I should have stayed at least a month or two. Ok, that might be a stretch.

I did not clean my house before I left for vacation, because really, I was leaving the cavemen at home. What would be the point? I'm so glad I didn't waste my time. My house was more of a disaster than when I left. This weekend I spent an entire day cleaning. It feels so good to have a really clean home.

This weekend the oldest cave child was grounded from pretty much everything he knows as a life and was busy listening to me nag at him about homework. He somehow ended up being behind on homework from not turning assignments in, not doing homework while I was gone, and just plain old not doing homework at all. I need to send that kid to homework military. So he got the parental speech of how important homework is, and how next year in Jr. High if he doesn't do his homework, there is no free pass. I piled up any and all homework I could find for him. I even made some up. I'm so mean.

On Monday his teacher foiled my plans to forever keep him busy with homework by telling him he doesn't need to turn in this one and that one. Dang it! I should have called her and told her my evil plan. Turns out the child just likes to procrastinate (gee, I have NO idea where he ever got that from....Grandma Turney perhaps...yeah, I'll blame her...Hee hee...) Of all the good quality traits I could have passed onto my children, procrastination isn't one I was hoping for.

Turns out I had homework too upon returning from vacation. I had lots of forms to fill out for school and lots of checks to write. Lunch money, field trip forms and money, camp money...yadda, yadda, yadda... With in all the forms, not only did I sign the oldest cave child up for summer school, but I signed him up for the summer homework program. Oh, I am evil!

My youngest cave child has been obsessed with time lately. All of our clocks have to match and he is constantly checking the time. He's been able to tell time for a while, but he is obsessed with time, like a little Mayan ruler. Of course we had to "spring forward" this weekend, so he made sure we were on the ball with that. And we have all been instructed not to mess with the clocks. It was pretty upsetting to him that I have my bedroom clock set 25 minutes fast. He really didn't like that. I had to explain my reasoning for that. Not that it helps me any, but the logic is still there. Set your clock fast and you will never be late. Ha!

This weekend we also visited the library. This is now a ritual. We all have library cards and the kids are old enough to understand how the library works with out driving me completely crazy. Our library here isn't like the library of the old days. Sure they still have librarians, but I'm not exactly sure why. They won't help you find a book, every thing is computerized, you have to look it up and find it yourself. They have self check out. You scan your card on the scanner, then you scan your books, print out a receipt, and off you go.

I am still working with my vacation pictures. I do have all of them from all the camera's (we had a total of 6 cameras between us). I still have a few more to fix the brightness and contrast on, then I just have to organize them into photo albums in Picasa, and post them. This weekend...I promise. 1000 pictures is really a lot to go through, although, I have it down to about 600 now. Maybe less, I'm not sure, but it is a ton of pictures.

The last two days at work, I have been sitting in on software training classes. They've been very good classes, although they have kept me from contact with the outside world.

Hopefully this weekend I will have everything caught up and life will return to normal, whatever normal is that is, but I will take normal over crazy.


Mary~Momathon said...

I don't remember Mom procrastinating anything. Ever. I don't know where I learned how to do it so well! Good luck with the homework, but remember, sometimes the best help you can give is to let them learn the hard way.

Wolfpak5 said...

According to Gary, procrastinating comes from our side of the family. So I guess we really can blame Mmom. Good luck keeping all of your clocks on the same time. None of ours do. Waiting patiently for your photos.

Mary~Momathon said...

Hmmm, maybe I procrastinate so much better than the rest of you that I never notice that you procrastinate too!

On that note, I'd better get up and get ready for the day, like I should have done an hour ago.

Btw, I thought of Sam this morning when I was trying to figure out what time it is and all of our clocks are different. Much much different.