Saturday, March 21, 2009

Growing up changes for the oldest caveboy

Last week he went to the orthodontist and got 10 spacers put in his back molars to prepare for getting braces put on this coming week. He said the bottoms one bother him and get a bit painful at times. I imagine so, as he has pieces of plastic stuck between his teeth moving them apart from each other.

He went to school and showed off his new mouth accessories (the cool blue colored spacers) and everyone thought that was pretty cool. Lots of kids his age have braces, and he won't have to wear any head gear. He is now trying to decide what color of rubber bands he wants to have.

Tomorrow he has a full complete eye exam with the optometrist. He has flunked the school eye exam two times in a row, so we may be looking at glasses for him. Double whammy in one week! I hope he adjusts to both major life changes and doesn't get teased at school. Kids can be cruel and will find anything to pick someone apart on their appearance at this age.

My sister sent me a link to an eyeglasses website that has pretty cheap glasses. We will go that route. That way when he breaks them on the playground, sits on them, or looses them we aren't out too much money. Also, I can order them two at a time in different styles. Also, we can take some time to see which pairs he really likes as you can try the styles on using a picture of yourself and take the time to really decide. Choices are a good thing, and there seem to be so many these days.

He has been pretty optimistic about the new changes coming, and has been studying them online. He's officially hit his ugly duckling tween stage of life, and in a couple of years will be a teenaged swan. I look at the kids at his school, and they are all at the same place in life, bodies built like squares, needing braces or glasses or both, and still learning about hygiene.


Wolfpak5 said...

We can commiserate with each other. I just got my partials on Wed. and still adjusting to them. The upper ones go all the way up the roof of my mouth.

Mary said...

The kids won't tease him - braces and glasses are super cool nowdays!

ambivalentmuse said...

I was so glad I never needed braces--they sound so painful! Hope he sails through all of these changes and reaches swandom unteased.