Sunday, March 22, 2009

Newest member of the glasses club

Welcome the newest member to the glasses wearing club. Mr. Kevin indeed needs glasses. He needs them for distance vision, so he is near sighted. He won't need to wear them while on the computer or outside playing, at least for now anyway.

His eye exam went well. He was a little nervous about getting his eyes dilated, but he did really well on that part too. The doctor let him look at the pictures of the insides of his eyes. She showed it to me as well, and it was pretty cool. We got to see his retina, his optical nerve, and all the blood vessels in his eyes. He has very healthy eyes! His vision is 20/40.

He did try on some frames afterwards, but it was hard for him to see because his eyes were still all dilated, and he did look rather nice in them. They had neat signs up in the kids frame secion that said "You will look cool in these" and then had an array of frames, then the next shelf's sign said "All your friends will think you are smart wearing these" and another array of frames. Then Kevin said "Hey, so & so at school has a pair of glasses like this!" We didn't buy any there as we had to get home in time to get him dinner before going to the Gordon Lightfoot concert with his dad, plus we wanted to see if we could save some money by ordering them online.

I've been looking online for frames and have had no luck finding what we saw at LensCrafters. Shopping online for glasses is harder than I though. So, tomorrow I will take Kevin out to some eyeglasses shops and have him try a bunch on. If we find good deals, we'll just go ahead & buy it, otherwise we will write down the numbers, brand, and style of the frames and then order them online. I did find that Vision World is having a 2 for $99 sale, so we'll go see what they have.

He was so funny when we left the eye doctor. The doctor gave him a pair of those disposable sunglasses that you typically see on older people who just had eye surgery done. They took up most of his face, but he thought he was pretty cool. She gave them to him, so the bright lights of the mall and outside wouldn't hurt his freshly dilated eyes. He kept the glasses on in the parking lot (which you don't need sunglasses for). We got to our van and I unlocked it. He opened the door and then said "Hey mom, this isn't our van!" I cracked up so hard. Then he said "what?, my eyes are dilated, I can't see very well."

We got home and he kept the sunglasses on and he shut out any lights that were on. By the end of this week, he will look like a completely different kid.


Wolfpak5 said...

He will survive wearing glasses, after all you and Mary both wore glasses when you were younger. Having your eyes dilated is not fun, any kind of light bothers them and it is hard to see. You really do need those funky sunglasses. For me they just fit inside my glasses. Send pics when he gets them.

Mary~Momathon said...

Can't wait to see the metalhead all grown up looking! Tell him to show off that tin-grin! Welcome to life as a 'tween Mom.

You will soon hear yourself saying things like "Where are your specs? Keep your goggles clean! NO! Don't use windex!" And "Brush your grill. Behave or I"ll snap your rubber bands! Wax your chrome. Suck your lunch off your cage."

Hey, now that he has glasses and braces, dodge ball - or any kind of ball game really -- will scare you to pieces. Good luck with that!