Monday, May 18, 2009

Just Another Manic Monday

Oh, Oh, Oh...Not my fun day....

Yes, my Monday has been crazy. Tonight I had planned on taking Kevin to Kumon Learning Center, working on EAA Kickball things to prepare for my Thursday night meeting, then watch the season finale of CSI Miami. didn't quite go that way.

I got home and Kevin told me he had another bad day. His heels were really hurting him and it hurt just to walk. I put his heels on ice and gave him some Motrin.

We made it to Kumon and he hobbled the entire time. He said when he was doing his work at Kumon he started to get shooting pain in his heels. Oh great. I figured, this must be something more than just growing pains, and perhaps we should see a doctor tonight.

After we finished at Kumon, we went to Urgent Care. The doctor checked him out and said "your problem is your shoes and you need to get new ones that offer better heel support." The pain in his heels started about the time he got new shoes. I'm glad it was something as simple as doctors orders to buy new shoes, than find out he has a fracture or something that we've let go for the past two weeks as we chalked it up to growing pains.

After the doctor, we stopped back at home to get the checkbook and grab a snack. Off we ran to shoe store. Famous Footwear has HORRIBLE customer service. There was one guy at the counter and one guy putting away shoes. Neither one of them asked if we needed help. They just kept on doing their own business and Kevin & I were the only ones in the store. We tried on several pairs of shoes to make sure we had the right fit and the most comfortable ones. Needless to say, I didn't put away any of the many boxes that he tried on. That will give Mr. Shoe Put Awayer something to do.

After the shoe store we were starving! Kevin wanted KFC and Sam wanted McDonalds. So they each got their own favorite fast food dinner as I was certainly not going to make anything.

We made it home in time for me to heat up some canned hotdish and catch the season finale of CSI Miami.

There was another good thing that came out Kevin getting new shoes....I also got a pair of new shoes. Kevin's old ones..... I told him not to put too much wear & tear into these new comfy shoes as I will be inheriting them as well when his feet grow another size!


Wolfpak5 said...

At least this Monday was not as manic as the one you had a few years ago. Glad to hear that Kevin's pains are simple to treat.

Mary said...

Canned hotdish? I'm afraid to ask!