Friday, May 15, 2009

Tough Day at School

Yesterday the oldest cave boy had such a rough end of his day. I asked him what was upsetting him and why his day was bad. Here was his reply:

Today after recess, our class went back outside to play Rainbow tag and it was lame cuz whoever was it just kept saying "rainbow", so we all had to run back and forth across the field forever. I didn't want to play anymore, so I just sat down on the side of the field and was done. Then I got told on by some stupid kid cuz I wasn't following the rules. I was tired of running and my heel was hurting me.

Then after that we had art. In art we had a substitute teacher. We had to do weaving and weaving is SO BORING. I hate weaving. It's dumb and boring, and I had to sit at a table with all girls. The teacher came over after a while and told me I wasn't weaving good enough so she made me take it all apart and start over. I don't even know why we have to weave in the first place. What's the point of it? It's SO BORING and lame!!!

I found out that Rainbow Tag is: All the kids stand on one end of the field. One person who is IT stands in the center of the field. IT calls out a color, and who ever is wearing that color must run to the opposite end of the field with out getting tagged. If IT calls out RAINBOW, then everybody runs.

I really had no words for him on the weaving. I couldn't honestly tell the lad to suck it up, he'd use this skill later in life someday. Cuz really...he won't. Weaving is boring, and no body weaves anymore do they? Don't they have machines or colonized religious people do that?


Tammy L Deck said...

I was introduced to weaving in 3rd grade...on the lid of a shoe box. Weaving is the cornerstone of my 25 year career in fiber art and education. Yes, there are still lots of people hand weaving in our contemporary civilization

Weaving teaches pattern, structure, color relationships....and patience.

I know many grown men who weave....they tend to be engineers. They enjoy the mechanical operation of weaving looms.

Hope this helps.


Mary said...

Poor kid. Running and weaving. Was he hoping to diagram sentences or work algebraic equations at school?

Wolfpak5 said...

Running and weaving won't kill him, but then to an 11 year old it probably was the end of a good day.

Anonymous said...

My mom weaves as a hobby. I have one of her first pieces hanging in my family room, actually. She also quilts.

Anyway, you can find weaving workshops, just like you can find quilting workshops. I think it's just that there are more quilters than weavers, so you hear more about quilting.