Saturday, May 2, 2009

Random Saturday Things

Two things I hate about spring....allergies and dead worm smell. Especially when they are combined. My allergies have kicked into full gear and I haven't felt this lousy since before my reconstructive sinus surgery three years ago. It's either been windy or rainy and neither one of those things are conducive to my allergies. The rain makes all things I'm allergic to bloom and the wind blows the pollen all over the place. I have felt really cruddy since Thursday. It rained all day Thursday, which made things grow, and the rain also drives all the worms out of the ground to get run over and stink up all parking lots and drive-ways. Yucko!

Sam got a birthday card from his Aunt Patty in Montana. It had $10 in it. THANKS AUNT PATTY!! He was pretty excited and it went right into his wallet.

Today, on my third day of feeling cruddy with swollen sinuses, I got up and took a Prednisone that I bought in Mexico. It sure has helped. I can tell my sinuses aren't nearly as swollen as they were when I woke up, as most of the sinus pressure I was feeling the last few days has gone away. Plus, I actually had a small burst of energy. I'll take another one tomorrow and hopefully that should do the trick. Predinsone is an anti-inflammitory that you take for only two or three days. I'm glad I was able to bring some home from Mexico, as it saved me a trip to the doctor today.

Since I had a burst of energy, I decided to venture out to Goodwill. I was still trying to find a dress to wear to my niece's wedding in California. Something between a casual and dressy dress. The boys decided they wanted to come with me. Kevin didn't have any money, so Sam let him borrow $5 from him. I was shocked at that one. Sam has $50 in his wallet and he decided that he maybe wanted to spend some of it. So off we went. Kevin & Sam grabbed a cart and headed to the toys and games aisle. I headed straight to women's clothing.

Sam & Kevin both found some things they wanted to buy. "Hurry up, mom, we are done shopping and ready to go." Ha! Typical men...once they are done, they are done, and ready to leave. They didn't like waiting for me, but I made them. And I found a dress!! It's really pretty. It's a light blue color and is mid calf lenght. I just need to do sit ups for the next month so that I can tighten up my winter ice cream eating tummy. I also found a really cute top that if I find a cute skirt to go with would also be good for the wedding. Decisions, decisions, decisions. I guess I'll have to wait until I see how tuned up I get my tummy if I wear the blue dress for the wedding or not as the top and skirt combo would be a bit more conceiling to that. It sucks getting old!

I also found a very cute purse. It reminded me a lot of my grandma. She has a collection of elephants and every time I see elephants I think of her and her collection. Well, this purse has elephants all over it. So of course I had to get it. There are just some things a girl can't have enough, purses, and clothes.

Since I was getting a new purse, Sam suddenly decided that he needed a purse to carry his wallet in. After all that's where I put my wallet, so it made perfect sense to him. He picked out a blue one. It took a bit of talking by both Kevin and I that boys DO NOT carry purses. Well, he really wanted one. He didn't want to just carry his wallet around with out something to put it in. We told him boys don't carry a purse, but lets see if we can find you a man bag. A more masculine looking bag to put his things in. I was so glad we found a blue one. It's a small Nike bag with a handle. It'll have to do until he gets a smaller wallet that will fit in his pocket.

I told the kids since they were ready to go, to take their wallets and their merchandise to the counter and pay for it. They did it all on their own. I was so proud of them. They learned how to be good consumers today. They really enjoyed it, and it made them feel good to pick out their own things, and pay with their own money.

When we got home, I watched the Kentucky Derby. Every year I get in on the Kentucky Derby office pool. I have never won. I end up drawing some horse for the race (there are 20 horses, you pay $10 and draw a name of one of the horses from a pot), that either gets scratched before the race, breaks a leg, or comes in somewhere close to last. This year I drew the favorite. I drew the horse that EVERYONE said was going to win. Ha! The stupid horse came in second to last. This year a horse with 50-1 odds won the race. It was the second biggest upset in Kentucky Derby history. What luck!

The boys have been busy with their new purchases since we got home, and I have been vegging out, blowing my nose, drinking hot tea, napping on and off, and wondering how the hell the horse I picked came in second to last place.


Mary~Momathon said...

a man bag! He's a funny kid!

Wolfpak5 said...

Hope you get to feeling better. My allergies have kicked up a bit too, but so far not so bad. Glad that Sam got the card I sent and that he was able to get what he wanted with it. Sorry about your horse. I just read the news on it.