Monday, May 4, 2009

Monday Ramblings

This morning started out with me paying my $10 to the office booky. I said to him "What the hell?" and shook my head. He laughed, took my $10, and said "muddy track, anybody's race, and it wasn't yours." No it wasn't. Dang, I could have won $120

Work was busy with the usual Monday happenings. I booked my flight out to North Carolina for software training at the end of June. Yes, I get to go to the beach...again. (Big huge smiley face). Two oceans in one month for me. Oh, I am loving life! The Pacific in June for my niece's wedding and the Atlantic a week later for software training.

The hubby came home early from work. He is still sick. He has a sinus infection. He hasn't had one in a very long time and he is feeling miserable. He said he was going to the doctor, but I don't know if he's actually done that yet or not. It's his face that feels yucky and he knows the way to the doctor, so I guess it's up to him. I sure hope he went though.

We are once again doing 5th grade math. UGH! I HATE 5th grade math. Last week he brought home the same kind of problems. I ended up calling a guy I work with who has his masters degree how to do it. He said "THAT'S 5TH GRADE MATH!!"...Welcome to my world. I had called a couple other highly educated people and they didn't know. I guess I know who to call when I need help with 5th grade math again!

Today was a gorgeous spring day! Gorgeous enough to have the spring grilled out dinner. We are having brats and dogs on the grill. Oh yummy, yummy...I love beer battered brats!!

Sidenote: Today I looked at my calendar. Even though May has just begun, it is almost over.

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Wolfpak5 said...

Sure doesn't take long to fill up a calendar. June is a busy month for us. How did you do on the 5th grade math? I don't miss those days. Hope Ken is feeling better.