Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Bubbles Taste Like Ice Cream

Today after a long tedious day making out with Excel Spreadsheets and formulas all day, I picked up my littlest caveman at daycare. I had to wait in the foyer so that my Mother's Day surprise wouldn't be ruined. My little man comes running up to me from the backyard of daycare and bounds over to me. He says "MOM! I ate 18 bubbles! They taste like ice-cream!".

Hmmmmm....I'm thinking they probably taste more like soap, but ok, I'll believe him. I don't believe I've ever bought Bubble Flavored Ice Cream. Mostly Vanilla or Chocolate, but maybe to him Ice Cream does taste like bubbles. Maybe that could be why he doesn't eat ice cream anymore. He likes popsicles, but not ice cream.

Since we are on the topic of Ice Cream....tonight my little darlings shouted "ICE CREAM TRUCK!!!!" They each grabbed $1.50 out of their piggy banks and dashed out the door like flashes of lightening. I wonder if they'd move that fast if the house was on fire?

Nothing gets in the way of going to the Ice Cream Truck. I ran to the door to see what they were getting. As I looked out the door, I see my two darlings on their bicycles turning the corner at the end of the block and headed off to chase an ice cream truck down the busy street.

Instant Mom heart attack! I took a step back and reminded myself to breath.I grabbed 2 shoes (I'm not even sure they matched, but at least they were both mine), grabbed my van keys, and got in my van & drove after them. I found them 3 blocks away from my house. Man they are fast on those bicycles! When demanding them to turn their little butts around and get home, they both looked at me as if I was speaking Greek.

"But Mom, we can hear the ice cream truck. We need popsicles from the ice cream truck". I explained that there are 2 boxes of popsicles in our freezer that were just as good. "Whoa, hold the phone! There is no popsicle better than the ones on that ice cream truck." My 2 little sad faces turned about face and slowly rode their bikes home like they'd just received the worst news in their little lives.

I'm wondering... Do they have bubble flavored popsicles per chance on that truck?

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Mary said...

I guess if there is ever a fire in your house you should yell "ICE CREAM TRUCK!!" that'll get 'em out and down the street safely!