Saturday, May 17, 2008

Oh Sweet Glorious Internet!!

I am in Montana and away from all cave activity. I am in a remote little town and I have no internet connection on my lappy and really bad cell connections. But it is nice to get away from the cave. The cavemen are doing some serious bonding time,while I am visiting my best friend/adopted sister who just had a baby in Montana. We have had a great time together. She had a precious baby boy who has me totally wrapped around his cute little finger. Yes, Auntie Bonnie is spoiling him rotten. His daddy is a firefighter, so I have little baby suited for firefighter chief/mascot. Such adorable outfits, I couldn't resist.

He is such a precious little guy, but eventually he indeed will be a caveman. Yes, it is inevitable. All male species turn. No matter how us mothers try to make the sensitive side of our sons come out, they are destined to become cavemen.

My trip has been joyous to say the least. I have reconnected with my new adoptive family. It is always nice to have a big family. Especially, one you have adopted. They truly are great people, and I am happy to have them in my extended family. Too bad I don't get to see them more often.

My friend who just had a C-section and went through 20 hours of labor before that has recovered like a champ. She is truly a matriarch. Like some freakish woman, who we all envy. You know the one that just bounces back after having a baby. The one who returned from hell and back like it was nothing. I just adore her, and am glad we get mistaken for sisters. She is really my sister, even though, we are not blood related.

So signing off from MT.... I won't have internet until I get home...considering I survive the plane ride home. But I am sure I will as long as I pass out on the way home :)

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