Friday, May 2, 2008

It's Kick Ball Season again!

It's Spring time and that can only mean one thing. KICK BALL!!

I play on a co-ed adult kick ball league. It is great fun. It's my one night a week that I'm not a mom, or a wife. I just get to be my free spirited self and have no worries at all. I get to feel youthful. It's even better than it was in elementary school.

I have been playing in the Kick Ball League since 2004. There are two season's per year. This is my 8th season. You would think that after 7 seasons I would have perfected the kick and the catch. News flash.....I have actually yet to make the perfect catch. I do try though. Most times I go for the catch it just bounces off me. I am just a shield for the big red rubber bouncy ball. I also have yet to kick the ball into the outfield. Down the 3rd base line is my favorite kick of choice. Unless I have a man or woman on 3rd, I'll kick it down the 1st base line and hope they drop or fumble the ball, so I can be safe at 1st. Yep, I am the sacrificial lamb. Take one for the team so we can get the score.

Winning isn't everything for our team. Sure it's fun, but most games don't always work out our way. But oh well, it's not like we are going out for the Olympics or ESPN. Our sweetest victory ever was the game between my team and a team that had gone undefeated for 3 years. They cleaned our clocks earlier that year by a whole bunch of home runs. Even their girls were kicking home runs and running like gazelles. When we beat them we ended up 10 running them in a tournament situation. They were not happy campers. After that sweet victory they befriended us. Now we play them for fun, but we haven't beat them since that day. But it's's just kick ball. We play for fun, we play to keep in touch with our inner child.

The cave husband is not allowed to be on my team. Number one, he's way too competitive. Number two, he doesn't believe kick ball is a real sport. Number three, someone has got to stay home and help the kids with their homework and put them to bed.

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Mary said...

Have a fun season! I would love to play kickball too, as long as I am not expected to be able to kick, catch or run with any skill whatsoever!