Friday, May 9, 2008

Happy Centennial Birthday Grandma Gracie

100 years ago today my Grandmother Gracie was born. She resides in the same town in which she was born. Talk about a woman who has seen change. Many of the things she used to own and photographs of days gone by are on display in a museum. My mother has scanned many photographs of the "good ole days". I enjoy viewing them from time to time. Amazed at the dresses, the hats, and the hair styles the women of the old west and frontier days wore. They were a very classy group of women.

My Grandmother has lived an amazing life. I am not sure what exactly her key to finding the fountain of youth has been. I attribute it to many things. I think the biggest thing is she has the spirit many women would love to capture. When people meet her she leaves a lasting impression. She is the coolest woman that I have ever met and I am lucky to call her Grandma.

This morning I called her to wish her a very happy birthday. I was her first caller. I'm glad I caught her when I did. I'm sure her phone was ringing all day long with birthday wishes from relatives and friends that adore her. She had plans to celebrate through out the day and the week. She's a very busy lady.

As we were talking I was telling her about my Kick Ball team. She said it sounded like fun and if she was 30 again she'd love to play on my team. I told she could still play, we'd just put her in the outfield and make sure she didn't have to do much running. She figured we'd better put her so far in the outfield that the other team wouldn't even know she was part of the opposing team. Then she said that lately these days she tires more easily and that was frustrating. She guessed now that she is 100 she'd best slow down the pace a tad bit. I snickered at her and reminded her that she indeed was 100 years old. In which she replied "Yep, you better live it up while you can, once you hit 100 it all starts to go downhill."

I thought I was going to pee my pants when she said that. I laughed so hard. I think that is the most positive endearing advice I have ever heard.

She is having a great big celebration in June when family and friends can take some extra time to spend with her and celebrate her life with her. I am looking forward to that. This time when I visit I am going to carry my video camera with me at all times. You just never know when she will get a wild hair and decide to let someone take her for a motorcycle ride. She did that last summer while were visiting. We had camera's, but only to take still photo's.

I think the two photographs of her I enjoy the most that show the true Gracie. The most amazing woman I know, are these two.

These show the classic yet strong woman she is. I am happy to call her my hero.


Rick said...

Happy birthday grandma! You sound like quite a woman. Got on the back of a motorcycle at the age of 99? That's my kind of gal. You're my newest hero too.

desirae said...

Are you related to Momathon???? You have to be.. The odds of to Grandma Gracie's turning 100 on the same day would have to be very small.. I love the picture of her with the gun.. and the second one.. She looks so happy.. (and I love the dress..)