Sunday, October 26, 2008

Crazy Week

It's been a busy week.

Our week started out with a trip to the MN Zoo. It was a beautiful day and the animals were having lots of fun. I got great zoo pictures. And as always, we always have fun at the zoo. Kevin's favorite things are the Komodo Dragon and then petting the sting rays and the sharks.

The oldest cavechild has been sick with a nasty head and chest cold. Poor guy was just feeling miserable. He ended up missing a whole entire week of school. I ended up taking him to Urgent Care twice last week. The first time he checked out fine, doctors orders were to just go home and ride out the virus. Nothing we can really do, except to keep on with the cold an cough medicine. Take a spoonful of honey to coat the throat, and get plenty of rest. Later in the week we went back. We ended up seeing the same Urgent Care doctor. Turns out he ended up with an ear infection and a bit of wheezing in his lungs. She prescribed him an antibiotic and instructions to feel better. The antibiotic has kicked in and he is feeling back to normal. So off to school tomorrow he will go.

The littlest cavechild had a big science test at school this week. So we were busy helping him study. He had to know all about bones in the human body. He said when he took the test he knew the answers and didn't just have to guess at them. Yay!

We shopped for Halloween costumes. Hit the jack pot. Kevin is going to be a ghastly ghoul. He'll be wearing rusty chains, a scary mask, and a sythe. He will be oh so scary. Sam is going to be a Clone trooper. He's pretty excited about that, since his latest fascination is Star Wars. This year for Halloween we are going to make our usual neighborhood candy run. Then we are going to drive to Summit Ave, in St. Paul. They have really big fancy mansions on Summit Ave. They are known for giving out the best candy and having the best Halloween decorations. So we are excited about going there.

I had a dental tooth cleaning appointment and you all know how I feel about sitting in that torture chair. I survived.

The week ended with the cave hubby's birthday. I was busy shopping for a great gift for him and planning his birthday date. I hired a new babysitter to watch the kids (the kids loved her). I bought the hubby a book all about the history of hockey. I also bought him a MN Wild hockey puck, a MN Wild Hockey t-shirt, and a MN Wild hockey jersey. Then I took him out for dinner and to a Wild hockey game. We had so much fun. This was my first Wild Hockey game that I have been too. Our seats were great. We had a great view of the ice and we were on the corner where the Wild shot twice at the goal. The Wild won 2-1. So the hubby had a great birthday.


Wolfpak5 said...

Happy Birthday Ken!!!. I have my hopefully last dental appointment tomorrow morning. Hope Kevin is back to his normal self and congrats for Sam on acing his science test. Can't wait to see your zoo and halloween pics.

Mary said...

Happy Birthday Ken!

Sounds like the boys are going to have a great time on Halloween!