Sunday, October 12, 2008

New Glasses

Thursday morning I put my glasses in my purse & left for work. I got to work & they weren't in my purse. So I searched & searched for them. Couldn't find them all day. So Thursday evening I called my eye doctor and asked if I could get in that night. They had one appointment left, so I went. Yay! Ended up I needed my prescription changed. So I got new frames & new lenses. The best they can correct my vision to is 20/25 & I only need them for reading. But each eye is a bit different. My eye doctor dilated my eyes & while I waited for my glasses (in the one hour) to be done, I went to eat at Famous Dave's. Reading the menu was not easy!

So I came home with brand new glasses on Thursday night.

Friday morning I dropped Sam off at daycare & walked back to my van. I looked on the ground & said "WTF!" there were my glasses. Totally squished! Yep, ran over. Fell out of my purse at daycare drop off, in the road, and squished flat. Glad I went to get new ones. It was hard going one day with out glasses. No way could I have gone two.

I switched from wire frames to plastic. They are a deep purple with pink on the inside. They have a bit of pink on the side & look pretty cool. I totally love them!

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