Tuesday, October 14, 2008

New Fall Shows

Decisions, decisions, decisions! There are just too many good shows on TV this season. And no time to watch them all. Comcast On Demand has some shows you can watch after they have aired, but not all the shows. It is so hard to pick and choose what to watch.

This is the last season of ER. I have been watching that show since the first episode aired. It's hard to believe it's coming to an end. Right now that is the only show that I currently watch on NBC. But now NBC has put together some good shows that I'd like to watch. But they are up against some CBS shows that I just can't miss. And of course they are shows not featured on On Demand.

It used to be there were a couple of nights of good television, but now...Sunday through Friday I have my must see TV.

You know it's bad when you start to make plans around your favorite TV shows that aren't on On Demand.

I really need to get TIVO.