Friday, October 17, 2008

MEA week

The kids had all this last week off from school. It was Parent/Teacher conferences and teacher workshops this week.

I had scheduled conferences for Monday night. Monday night came and went. I laid down at 10:30 for bed and then remembered I had conferences that night. Ooops!

Tuesday morning I called their teachers to reschedule. Luckily I was able to get in to see both their teachers Tuesday night.

First was Sam's conference. He is doing well. I could tell this is his teachers first year of teaching and round of conferences. She went over everything! She was just a little chatter box. I finally looked at the clock and told her I had another school and conference to be at. But Sam is excelling in math. He has a hard time with story problems. He is doing really good at reading and starting to comprehend so much better with the "W" questions when re-capping. He's having fun in social studies and science. Every one loves him. And he is doing wonderful with his "try new food" program. Although, I did have to give her a list of foods that aren't new, because he's already trying to pull the wool over her eyes, by telling her some of his favorites are new. Lil stinker.

Next was Kevin's. He is doing well too. This is his second year at his new school, and he is adjusting wonderfully. He is catching up from having a crappy 3rd grade year and was starting to fall behind due to the lack of teaching and direction of his 3rd grade teacher. He thinks his 5th grade teacher is so awesome. She has an albino corn snake in the class room. She definitely earned big points in his eyes. She was amazed at how much he knows about snakes. I told her he does a lot of research on Google on snakes, plus he has found Viper Keeper on youtube. He wants to be a snake wrangler or herpetologist when he grows up. Along with the many other things he wants to do when he grows up. I'm glad he's got a plethora of careers to choose from. Air Force Pilot, Navy captain, truck driver, construction worker, snake wrangler...just to name a few....

What ever it is they decide to be...and luckily they have a few years to decide...they are off to a good start. They are being well rounded kids and getting a great education. They have great teachers and lots of opportunities.

Back to regular routine on Monday.

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Wolfpak5 said...

Good news to hear that the boys are doing well in school, but there was never any doubt. They get their smartness from their aunt.