Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Hall-BOO-ween!!

A perfect night for trick-or-treating! This year we made the rounds in our neighborhood. We came home, emptied the loot, then we drove over to our daycare lady's neighborhood. All her neighbors were sitting in their driveway having a camp fire. So you walked around the circle and they all gave out candy. What a great way to hit 5 houses at once. After we were done in that neighborhood, we drove to Summit Ave in St. Paul. Summit Ave is home to the Governor's mansion and many very old, wonderful architectural mansions. They went all out. It was really amazing. They really spent a lot of time putting up so many cool decorations. Some of the houses also had people jumping out at you in costume. One house was even dropping a net on you as you walked up their stairway. So they made it really fun. We hit the mother load on candy though. Pretty much all the houses were giving away full size candy bars. By the time we had made our way to the Governor's mansion, they had run out of candy. And that was at about 8:30 pm. Oh well, we did pretty good in that neighborhood anyway. It was really quite the trick-or-treating experience.

After trick-or-treating for 3 hours, we made our way home. Ah, it felt so good to be home. Our feet were tired. I swear we must have walked at least 3 miles. Or least it felt like it! But it was such a beautiful night to be out, we really had to take advantage of it. We don't get too many Halloween nights where we don't have to try to fit our costumes over our coats and hats.

And now we have lots of candy too eat. Hmmmmm....such a dilemma. I mean, which ones do we eat first?!!


Mary said...

Eat the Reese's first!

Wolfpak5 said...

Save the snickers for me