Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Kick Ball League through the city

A couple months or so ago I contacted the city youth sports league about adding Kick Ball to their offered sports. I also offered to head up such a program.

Well, I didn't hear back for a long time and then the president of the city league emailed me back & asked me what Kick Ball even was. So I responded and figured it was a dead deal.

Then a few weeks later I got an email from another head of the city youth sports league just basically saying, I'll ask the board but it probably won't happen, but I'll bring it up. Again, I figured it was a dead deal.

Today I get an email saying this.....(it includes a response to another person inquiring about tennis)

Good evening. Recently both of you emailed me to inquire about EAA adding "kickball" and "tennis" to our sport roster respectively. I am combining my emails to make it efficient for my reply. The answer is the same for both questions.

First, thanks again for asking me about these sports. I checked into our procedure and talked with my colleagues on the Board. In summary, what each sport needs is a sponsor and/or an individual or group of individuals who can come together to develop the sport, its season, and the myriad of details that might go into starting and continually offering a sport within the EAA umbrella. In other words, when we have added sports throughout the years it is done by individuals interested in the sport in comparison to EAA developing and initiating a new sport or athletic activity on its own. This makes a lot of sense given that EAA is largely made up of individual sport directors and a handful of administration related volunteers.

I don't assume anything with your inquiry, so let me offer if you are interested in pursuing this, please let me know. It is entirely up to you. I was not sure if you were simply checking into whether we can offer a sport of your choice, or possibly inquiring about taking a leadership role in moving one forward.


One of my neighbor ladies offered to help me with it, so I emailed her asking if she was serious. I'd totally be willing to head this up. I know plenty of people in my adult kick ball league that I'm sure would want to help out too.

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The Beans said...

Hell yeah, B! Good job!