Friday, April 10, 2009

Blog Neglect

It's been 9 days since my last blog entry. Things have been busy, mostly with my child Kevin. This may have to be several blog posts as one post may be a bit too wordy. So we'll start with Kevin....

Kevin, Kevin, Kevin.... He pulled another "I'm not doing homework" strike on us. He had three weeks to read a book and do a book project on it. It was due this past Monday. Sunday night at 9:30 pm he asked if I could take him to Wal-Greens to get poster board for his project that was due the next day. I asked him "What project?". He said "the one that is due tomorrow". I hadn't seen him reading a book, so I asked him what book he was going to do his project on. Well, he didn't know the answer to that. So I decided to let him face the music with his teacher. I told him, to enjoy flunking the assignment and getting a big fat zero on it. Then I congratulated him on repeating the 5th grade.

Monday afternoon I got a call from his teacher. She started to explain that prior to spring break 3 weeks ago she had assigned the class a book project and that it was due that day. I said "Yes, how'd that go for Kevin?" Then she was surprised I knew about it. She asked me when I learned of the project and I told her "why it was just last night at 9:30 pm". She told me when she asked Kevin why his project was not done his reply was this..."My family couldn't afford the materials to do the project." She knew better and called him out on it. She told him that she had explained to the class if they needed something she would get it for them and the project wasn't going to cost any student any money.

Then she started talking about whether or not he understood the assignment. I explained that he probably did, and that he just didn't want to do it. She gave him a week's extention.

Monday night I went to the library. I returned all the books he had previously checked out and checked out 6 or 7 works of fiction. I came home and said "take your pick, and get to reading". He picked out a book and has been reading all week. His teacher told him to bring the book to school as he would be staying inside from recess to read his book. Tonight, he is reading his book. I think he will finish it tonight. He's on page 235 of 259.

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Mary said...

I'm sorry to hear you guys are too poor to buy a piece of poster board. How sad.