Friday, April 10, 2009

Kumon Learning Center

Today I took Kevin to Kumon learning center for an assessment. It's not a test of brilliance or stupidity, but a test to see where to start the program. He did pretty good, but he doesn't have his multiplication math facts down pat. This causes him to use his fingers to count, which slows him down at school, which raises red flags with the teachers that he has a learning disability. Not to mention his lack of desire to do his reading projects. The school called me last week and wanted the ok to test him for learning disabilities. my child isn't a dumb dumb, he's just lazy, and there is no motivation what-so-ever to light a spark. They don't hand out zero's they give extensions, and the worst I can do is send him to his room and ground him. He's grounded right now until it's all done as a matter of fact. I also pointed out to the teacher that whenever he takes the required tests for how smart the kids are, he always tests out at average at grade level.

Since he's not doing the work, they figured he doesn't understand the assignment. So not true...He's just looking for an easy way because he knows he doesn't want to do the assigment. It's not interesting, so why bother? He'll just do it in detention.

He starts Kumon on Monday. He will attend every Monday and Thursday and he'll have Kumon homework every day.

I'm also thinking that his poor vision might be some of his problem as he hasn't been able to see well. So between having glasses and Kumon I'm hoping to keep this kid from riding the short bus.


Susan said...

How did you come to the decision to use Kumon? I have a 6 year old daughter that is struggling with reading and I am looking at several different options for her over the summer. She will be going to summer school but I think she will need additional tutoring in order to get to where she needs to be for 2nd grade.

anna said...

can you tell me the prices for Kumon or does it vary.
thank YOU