Friday, April 10, 2009

Hockey Game

Tuesday night I went to the MN Wild vs. Dallas Stars hockey game. I had originally bought tickets from a friend of mine at work. I decided to ask my friend Jo if she wanted to come to the game with me. Of course she did, but she didn't want to pay to sit in the nose bleeds. When ever she goes to a game, she buys tickets from a scalper and never pays full price for it. She always sits in good seats on the first level. That sounded really good. So I asked my husband and he said "who is going to watch the kids? You should ask Jo to go with you." Hmmmm....

So I asked Jo about how this scalping thing works and that I would re-sell the tickets I had bought. No problem.

We have a friend who gives us very nice hand me downs to us all the time. He just so happened to give us a big bag of clothes that included 2 almost brand new Columbia winter coats after I got the tickets from my co-worker. My husband said "Hey, let's give the tickets to that guy because he always gives us great hand me downs." What a great idea! So we gave the nosebleed tickets to him.

The day of the game Jo & I headed down to the Excel Center. I let her out to go work her scalping magic and I went to find a place to park. I've never bought tickets from a scalper before, so I am pretty green and she said "let me do all the talking, you just observe". She worked her magic and got us tickets on the goal line, 16 rows up from rink for $35 each. WOW! She's good! So if you want to go to a hockey game and get good seats, go with Jo.

The game was really good. Lots of checking and falling down on the ice. The Wild won 3-1. GO WILD!

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