Saturday, August 23, 2008

Caveman discovers the moon

Tonight my husband is wandering about the yard with a big stick after having a few too many cocktails. He is pointing at the moon, asking me questions about how the moon went from a full moon in the southern sky to a half moon in the eastern sky in one week.

He looks a bit like the baboon Rafiki in the movie "The Lion King" with his big stick. I'm sure his revelation is much like when cavemen first discovered the moon and the placement of the moon. He's wondering if the earth somehow got a bit off track or perhaps the moon did. Perhaps I should go out there and lasso it for him. Hurry someone get Galileo on the phone to answer his questions. I told him to go walk around the yard and figure it out. He walked around the yard with his big stick looking very purplexed and wondering if the scientists or the calendar forgot to tell us something.

Silly caveman!

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