Saturday, August 2, 2008

Summer Camp

This weekend we are preparing to send our oldest cave child to summer camp for a week. This will be his third year attending. It's a great camp, and he loves going. He is really looking forward to it.

Each year I send him, his suitcase gets smaller. The first year I sent him, his suitcase was bigger than he was. I packed him like I would have packed for myself. A new pair of socks and underwear for each day, a new shirt for each day, plenty of shorts, long pants, and sweatshirts. I sent him with disposable camera's, pens, paper, self addressed stamped envelopes for home, towels, shampoo, soap, and everything else that was included on the "things to bring" camp list.

He ended up coming home with more clean clothes than dirty. In fact 95% of the things in his suitcase were left the way I packed them. I asked him why I did not receive a letter and he said "what paper and envelopes?"

Hmmmm....the ones that were on top of every thing. The ones he had to move in order to get to his shorts and shirts.

The next year, I packed a smaller suitcase. Containing the same things, but just less. Same thing happened....95% was untouched when we picked him up.

This year....I'm not packing much for him at all and it will all fit into a small suitcase. The size that women pack for an overnight trip. Why is it that a cave boy can pack what he needs for a week in the same size suitcase a woman would pack for an overnight trip?

I'm not sending him with self address envelopes to his mother. I'm not sending a nice beach towel. I'm not sending him with clothes for each day of the week. He'll either a) not use it b) lose it Boys....

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Mary said...

Hope he has fun at camp!