Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Only 3 days

Is how long it takes us to miss our little caveman. There is definitely a void in this house. It's just too insanely quiet around here.

But we have gotten SO much done! It started out to be just a painting project, but turned into revamping two rooms in our house. We have been very busy moving furniture, spackling holes in the wall, taping, throwing out old toys, trip to Home Depot, taping, and priming. Whew...and that's what we've done since Monday. Won't our caveman be surprised when he gets home and finds that his bed is in the garage.

We are getting an entertainment center (not a huge one) tomorrow. We are getting that for a case of beer. Now that's what I call a trade! My friend is giving it away free, but I told her if she brought it to my house and helped unload it, I'd buy her a case of beer. The deal was sealed!


Wolfpak5 said...

You are keeping busy. I have closets that need painting but won't tackle those until after Labor Day. It won't be long before your little caveman is home, by the way does he know you are redoing the room?

Mary said...

This all sounds very very familiar.... My project is only half done. And in the middle of it I decided we just need a new house. A little project gone wild! Hope your cavemen enjoy the new cave.