Monday, August 18, 2008

Score on free stuff

In the last month I have scored big time on free stuff. I love free stuff.

One of my friend's kids play baseball religiously. They have played since they began to walk. I asked if they had any baseball bats left over we could buy from them. Her husband came over with 4 baseball bats in hand. We are set for the next few years.

My neighbors had a garage sale a few weeks back. She tried selling for the last 3 years a pair of really cute purple and white down hill skis. No one would even buy them for $5.00 She was bound and determined to get them out of her house. At the end of the sale, they put a lot of things that didn't sell at the end of their drive way with a FREE sign next to it. There lay the skis. Her husband was outside and asked if I wanted the skis. I told him I didn't know what I'd do with them. He said "well, you'd go skiing, and if you don't take them someone else will.". I offered him the $5 for them & he refused. So I now own a pair of pretty downhill skis. The boots didn't fit, but I can get new ones and reset the bindings on the skis.

I have never ever in my life gone down hill skiing. But now when I do go. I will be skiing in style.

A few weeks ago, my work had a golf outing. I had to borrow my husband's golf clubs because I do not own a pair of my own. Why would I? I've only golfed two times in my entire life prior to this outing. As we were headed out to golf, a lady at work asked if I had petite clubs. I told her "No, I'm using my husband's." She wondered how that was going to work, since they were not properly sized for me. She informed me that she had just bought a whole new set of golf clubs and she would give me her old set. OK...sure, I'll take a free set of set of nice women's petite golf clubs. Even though, I have only golfed three times now.

While my caveman was at camp we started re-doing the kids bedroom. We ended up re-doing their play room. One of my friends had just inherited a whole bunch of furnishings from a relative. She was giving away her entertainment center. She just wanted it out of her house, to make room for her new one she was getting. I told her I'd take it. It would make a good addition to the playroom and if she delivered it, I'd give her a case of beer. The deal was sealed.

The kids are enjoying their new entertainment center, and I need to find some golfing buddies and some skiing buddies.

And if anyone else has free stuff for me, bring it on. I'll even accept free money. :)


Wolfpak5 said...

Free is always good. Looks like I will need to take some lessons from you on getting free. I can see you golfing more, but I can's picture you down hill skiing, but you look so cute in my mind.

Mary said...

I can't see you on skis either! Good job on the free stuff. I got a free frisbee once....