Sunday, August 3, 2008

One kid down

Today we dropped our oldest son off at his grandparent's house, so that he can catch the bus to camp tomorrow morning. He was excited and sad at the same time. Sad that he was going to miss everyone and everything, but the minute he steps on that big coach bus, he'll forget all about us and his pets.

This year he has instructions:

Bring home more dirty clothes than clean ones. Since I packed a small suitcase with limited amount of clothes to change into, that should be an easy thing to do. We shall see. I'm guessing he'll still bring home more clean clothes than dirty. First thing he'll do when he gets home is take a thirty minute shower. I'm setting a timer too.

Take pictures! The first year he went to camp he blasted through 2 disposable camera's in one evening. The second year, I sent three camera's with him. He didn't take one picture. Not one. This year, I'm returning him with the three camera's from last year. I told him to pass one off to a buddy to help out. He said "I'd rather take your digital camera."....Yeah, I'm sure he would, but that's not going to happen unless I get two new digital camera's. He's too young for his very own digital camera yet. I'm sure it would be lost with in days of him getting one.

Don't spend all your camp store money on candy. He's known as the Twizzler kid at camp. I sent him enough money for a weeks worth of Twizzlers and some fun stuff for him.

Lastly...Have FUN! This one he'll have an easy time doing. We told him to be a bit more adventurous. Since he now knows how to swim and he is experienced camper....

While he is away, we are going to paint the kids bedroom, enjoy the peace and quiet, and watch whatever we want on TV.

The little caveman will enjoy not being bothered by his big brother for one whole week.

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Wolfpak5 said...

Enjoy your week of peace. Once he gets home it will be total chaos. I can't wait to see his photos. Sam will enjoy his week of ruling the roost without any interference.