Saturday, April 19, 2008

Boys and their penises

Why oh why is the penis so fascinating for boys? My youngest caveman thinks it's hilarious to say the word penis. Today we were in a clinic waiting room and he said "it's funny when a bad guy in the movie gets hit in the penis!" I heard a bunch of quiet snickers. I told him not to say that word in the waiting room.
He said "Why, is it a bad word?"
Me: "No, but it's just not a word you just say anywhere and anytime you want to"
Him: "Oh, but it's funny when the bad guy gets hit in the penis."

Lately I have head the word penis fly out of his mouth a few too many times. He thinks the word is just hilarious. I personally don't like the word. I prefer to call it a wiener, a fireman, a thingy, and sometimes I even call my husband's Eric the one eyed viking.

Today, I walked out into the living room and my 10 year old caveman had his hand down his pants. WHAT? I said to him "Go wash your hands and use lots of soap and please don't do that in my living room." He was a bit embarrassed, so he says "I was just scratching my leg."
Me: "Well, I think you'd better find a different way to scratch your leg and certainly not on my couch"

Oh the things a mom has to endure when living with cavemen.

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Mary said...

I'm so happy that I have girls!!! ROFLMAO!!!!