Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My Monday

Yesterday I took the day off from work. I stayed home and slept and tried to get rid of the miserable headache I had. Spring is here, I spent a lot of time outdoors on Sunday, so Monday my allergies kicked my butt. Oh the joy of seasonal allergies.

Monday afternoon the little cavemen had dental cleaning appointments. They were both the dental hygienist's dream. Or is it nightmare? She definitely earns her money on those 2 boys. You know how well a 10 year old and an 8 year old cave child brush their teeth. I nag and I nag and I nag, but they don't listen. So maybe the dentist telling them again how important it is will finally sink in this time? I sure hope so. I try to get in their mouths with a toothbrush when I can, but they usually give me the usual, "I can do this on my own, geez Mom" attitude. With all that, we only have 1 cavity between the 2 boys and have sealants to put on both their molars. So a good visit indeed.

After the dental visit we went to visit all the pets at the pet store. Oh, how they would love to bring every animal home with them. The littlest caveman even goes as far as talking to all the animals, memorizing their names, and what they look like. It is usually hard to get them to leave the pet store. But I did manage about an hour later to finally leave empty handed I might add too. Although, we did leave with about 10 pamphlets on which kind of lizard we should get for a birthday someday.

After the pet store I took both my kids to the grocery store. Something that happens, well never! That was just affirmation as why I leave them at home while I grocery shop.

The oldest caveman had to taste test the deli meat to make sure I was making the right decision on which type of deli meat to bring home even though I buy the same stuff all the time.

Also, I had to buy at least 3 kinds of fruit that they tell me they like, but each time I have bought it in the past they tell me "we only like it at school". So they convince they will like it at home this time. Now I have a whole pineapple sitting on my kitchen counter and I have never cut one in my life. I tried to get the kind in the can, but was told that the real pineapple is much better, they will eat it for certain. Ok, how can I argue with that? Fresh is always better than canned.

I also had to put the kabosh on all the snack food in my cart back onto the shelf. Amazing how fast stuff ends up in your cart. I also had to put things back into my cart that I originally intended to buy.

It never fails, one if not both of the cavelings has to go to the bathroom every time we go to the grocery store. I'm not sure what the effect of a grocery store has on the little one's bladders, but it is almost like the moon effects the tide. And it normally hits when we are no where near the bathroom and have to dash like crazy to get there.

It is amazing I walked out of there with my head on straight. They both shriek for me to "look at this mom!", "we need this mom", "why can't we get this mom?".

We get to check out and I'm not sure how I managed to spend a bit over $100, I only had just a few (Ok, a whole cart full of crap we only really need about half of) things. I ask the zit faced bag boy for paper bags and he gives me all plastic. Dork. I despise plastic bags. Unless they are being used as the trash bag in my van.

And I had a headache when I got home. ARG!


Mary said...

You will love the fresh pineapple. You can cut it! It'll be great!

Glad you survived the dentist office, the pet store and the grocery store all in one afternoon!

That's bravery!

Tamara said...

lol! I love the cavemen! I live w/ about 11 of them myself...I feel your pain!