Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My baby is 9

Yesterday was the official turning 9 day. Happy Gave Birthday to me.

I always have a hard time on the kids birthdays. I just hate the fact that I can not stop time and they inevitably grow up right before my very eyes. Each year goes faster and faster. Time slips away incredibly fast. So last night to reflect on days past and babyhood lost, I watched 3 hours of video from when they were wee little ones.

I think this poem written by a friend of mine describes it best:

Sand Eaters

By Sasha Fletcher

Days start sooner and sooner
the spinning earth moves too fast;
Night shadows earlier than ever before!

Hour glass drippings
turn to minutes then seconds
as sand eaters devour the time.

Little gold diggers
grab and steal treasures
gulping and chewing
numbers painted in squares on the wall.

Eating the little grains of sand
--My Time!
the sand eaters never get full.

My children on the other hand love the fact that they are getting older. As they get older they become more independent, more bossy, more smelly, smarter, bigger (they stand up to my shoulders now), and did I mention more smelly?

The birthday boy received presents from other people through out the day. To them let me just say thank you. Thank you for the remote control car of which I ended up sitting on the remote and breaking one of the knobs off of because the kids left it in a great spot for me to sit on and now the stupid car will only drive backwards. Also, thank you for the water tube gun that he filled up in the bathroom sink. I walked by just in time to prevent the "this will shoot the ceiling with water" demonstration. He looked at me with the "rats foiled again by the mean mom" look, emptied out the water tube, and decided to use it for a cane, and hobble around like Yoda the rest of the night.

He has by the way changed his name from Charlotte the spider on Charlotte's Web, to Chewy from Star Wars. Then when you ask him where he is from, he will reply "Italy". He had to do a research project for school and well, he's learned a lot about Italy. Apparently enough to pretend that he lives there.

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Mary said...

Happy Birthday, Chewy! I just mailed a card today. Better late than never. You know how I am.