Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Grounding of the 10 Year Old

My 10 year old caveman got grounded off TV & X-box for a week including the weekend. They aren't allowed to play X-box during the week. Only on weekends. Cartoons they can watch whenever.

The first day my little caveman was "woe is me, my life is over, you're so mean". The next day he decided to make the best of it and found better things to do. Like drive me crazy!

Although Mr. Caveman and I are really liking the "no cartoons" on a school night rule. We've seen some really good changes in the cavelings after a few days. We figured we'd go insane, but he has been pretty good about it. So now is the time to roll with the new change in the cave.

I've tried to make this change numerous times in the past but when I'm not home, it's been hard to enforce. So I finally have Mr. Caveman seeing things my way.

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Mary said...

Are things still going your way? If you can whip cavemen into shape, I'm kind of frightened!