Monday, April 14, 2008

Rock, Paper , Scissors

I'm usually the champ at Rock, Paper, Scissor on the kickball field to determine who takes home field. I usually always beat the opposing team's captain, so our team gets home field advantage.

Tonight we (our work group from town and from out of state) went to Happy Hour at Green Mill. They were having a Rock, Paper, Scissor tournament. I entered because naturally I should win. Easy, Peasy, Lemon Squeezy! Everyone in the bar who entered the contest received Bud Light beads and a free beer. It was a one round elimination tournament. The people from our group who were from out of town cleaned everyone's clocks. The top three placements in the Rock, Paper, Scissor tournament went to our guy from Indiana, our guy from Dallas TX, and then our guy from Houston TX won the championship.

I can't believe I got out in the first round since I normally dominate Rock, Paper, Scissors on the kickball field. Apparently, I need practice on dominating the championships at Green Mill, so I can win a trip to Vegas to try for the $50,000 prize. I can't believe I got psyched out by an old man in the bar tournament. I thought he was going to throw rock, so I laid out paper, and he threw scissors down. But for revenge he went down in the next round. :)

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Mary said...

awww... too bad you lost cuz