Friday, April 25, 2008


Thank Goodness it's Friday! It is cold and rainy all day. And nothing says it's springtime than 41 degree weather and the smell of dead worms on pavement! BLECH! We need the rain for all the lovely trees to bud and every thing will pollinate and drive my poor nose nuts.

Tonight the cavelings and I ran some errands. First we stopped at the bank to deposit some money. Yay, money going in the bank and not out!

Next we stopped at Quizno's to use the bathrooms. Apparently the boys didn't have to go potty before we left the house even though I mentioned at least three times before leaving the house that they should go because we had several stops to make. Their reply "We didn't have to go then!" Oh, of course you didn't.

Then we made a quick stop at Clair's since it was just next door to Quizno's so Mom could buy some new hair sticks. I need some black ones to wear when I wear a black outfit. All I have is brown sticks. So I bought a longer pair of brown and black hair sticks. I just love hair sticks. So simple and easy and no pony tail head ache. The boys of course did not really want to go into the girl store, but they humored me and I hurried up and made my choices and paid. Their patience was pretty thin there.

The next stop was the pet store to look at the cats, fish, lizards, and snakes. So we met some new cats that are up for adoption that the little caveman memorized their names and where they came from. We ran into the neighbor girls who babysit some times and they had their new little absolutely adorable puppy with. Oh man he is so cute. He's a miniature husky, so dang cute. Makes you want to just run out and get one. We also ran into Klaus the super sweet and lovable Great Dane. He is such a handsome dog too. I'd like to bring Klaus home too, but no way would I want to clean up Klaus' poop in my yard. And Klaus would be fun cuz he could drag the kids around like he was a horse. Sam was petting him and Klaus (eye to eye with Sam) gave Sam a big sloppy kiss. So we were done at the pet store.

Our next stop was the grocery store. We had to purchase our items to bake Sam's birthday cake for tomorrow. I am making a dairy free, round, double layer cake with white frosting and Oreo cookies. YUMMY!! Sam wanted purple and pink frosting (his favorite colors) but I said no. Dad would have a cow if we did that. Although he is the birthday boy he should get whatever kind of cake he wants. But I just couldn't bring myself to make a purple and pink Oreo cookie cake.

We got home, unloaded the groceries. I made the kids their dinner, then got to baking the cake. The cake is out of the oven now and I am just waiting for it to cool before I can decorate it. I bought an extra can of frosting because I know how much Sam loves frosting. I think I'll dye the left over frosting pink and let Sam just eat the frosting that way.

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Mary said...

Wow! you got a lot done! Enjoy that cake!