Monday, June 16, 2008

Boys of Summer

My oldest son has been having a great summer so far. In fact we've hardly seen him. He's been riding his bike. He's been over-seeing the construction site down the street. I'm sure those construction workers are about ready to put him to work since he's there observing so often.

He's been riding around with the other neighborhood boys. And doing God knows what else. He told me tonight they were smashing ants with firecracker poppers. I think the boy needs a GPS tracker transplanted in him. But I am happy for long range walkie-talkie's. He does stop in from time to time to let us know he still lives here, he'll grab a glass of water, and back out the door he goes. "Going back to Luke's house!" He shouts as the door slams shut.

It is nice that he's getting out and about, instead of sitting in front of the idiot box all day. So I should be thankful for that. And here I thought he would go stir crazy this summer by not having enough to do.

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